Luxury Loos for Events and Festivals

Festival season is almost upon us, summer sporting events are looming large on the horizon, and flower shows and village fetes will soon be a feature on our calendars. From mud splattered music to judging giant vegetables there is something for everyone in a British summer and regardless of how seemingly different and diverse the range of events may be there is one thing that they all have in common, one ever-present and vital facility without which the event could not function.

 Toilets. Or to be more precise portaloos.

Overlooked, disregarded and taken for granted but one of the most important considerations for anyone planning or organising any event or function.

Every June on a farm in rural Somerset one of the UK’s  biggest collections of temporary toilets or portaloos springs up at the Glastonbury festival, from eco-friendly composting toilets to luxury loos, facilities are hired to ease the festival experience.
This year the organisers of the Glastonbury Festival are running a campaign to try and ensure that the humble portaloo is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.


 “This year at Glastonbury Festival, we’re running a major campaign to discourage Festival goers from peeing on the land at Worthy Farm.

Urinating on the ground at Glastonbury causes toxic pollution of the water table, which affects local wildlife and fish.

The Environment Agency and the Festival monitor the water continuously and have the power to close the site if too many people have urinated and polluted the site. If people pee on the land, it really could threaten the future of the Festival.

So, this year, we will be introducing more urinals, and better signage to toilets, as well as stewards in hotspots for inappropriate peeing.”

There is even a competition to design a poster to encourage festival goers to use the toilets, with the winning design being given free tickets to next years event.

When planning an event, there is an incredible range of loos from which to choose so which one is right for you? With customer experience and satisfaction being paramount to the success of any event the obvious choice is a luxury loo. Luxury loos are available to hire at an extremely reasonable cost and in many configurations to suit any need from a small gathering of 50 or so people to larger events with 1000 attending.

So remember whatever type of event you are planning, make sure your guests are comfortable and provide them with plenty of toilet facilities and a little luxury.


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