If there is not a power supply near to you then a generator will be needed, we are equipped to suit the demand of most event & commercial applications and can supply you with all the necessary equipment for your prime or standby requirements

Our generators are super silenced units from 20KVA to 30KVA these will produce ample power for most event requirements, if more power is needed then we are happy to supply more than one unit.

For marquee and event use our units are supplied with 30m of armoured cable and a suitable distribution board.

Our units come fully fuelled and once returned/collected we then charge for the fuel that you have used, if refuelling is needed this will be at an additional cost. Fuel is charged @ £1.05 per litre.

Power Requirements

The size of generator you will need depends on the amount of power that you will be using at any one time. Add up the maximum current required in amps or watts for the equipment you are operating, then use the chart below to find the correct KVA unit you require.

pramac tow gene

20 66.6 16,000 275.00
30 100 24,000 300.00


All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.

Please use our call back service or contact us on the numbers provided for our best deals.